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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Idaho City and Camping!!

We went to Idaho City. It was a lot of fun! Idaho city is a pretty cool place! We stayed in a cabin. 
Kaite helping unload the truck.

Kade fell asleep on my shoulder.

The bunk which just happened to be 
full of spiders and red ants. 

So we ended up cramming in the back of the Yukon.

The first Catholic Church in Idaho.

Dad holding Kade at the museum.

Where they put the bad guys!

Neat old place covered in antiques.

Happy Camper!(AFTER his nap!)

Moors Creek

Kalli on Dad's shoulder. 
Her legs are almost as long as his!

Kade with his adorable smile!

Kammy and the campfire.

And our family!

Well, hope you enjoyed! This is Kayla signing off,until next time.

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