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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Back to School

We started back to school on Tuesday. The first day was pretty rough, but since then it has been a lot smoother! Kammy and Kaite have been playing together a little nicer lately, thankfully.


We went camping for the last time this year. It was fun! Papa and Gramma and Nette, my cousin came up for a day. First we went to Grandjean and then to Stanley Lake. Both the places were very very pretty! Kammy had to bring her new horse along, so we tied Walmart grocery bags on his 'hoofers' so they would not get dorty. Theis is her in front of the Sawtooth Lodge.
The cousins hugging goodbye just before Annette and Papa and Gramma had to leave for home.
Stanley Lake
My family!
Kaite fell flat in the sooty least once. :)
Kaite roasting marshmallows. She thought she was so big!

Kammy got an Apaloosa book from the nice camp host. She was sure excited about that!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Kaite LOVES Campbells, chicken noodle soup. She even pours it herself! Kammy is at Grandma's house for a while. So today after we get the housework done we might do a little schoolwork.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

35 things I love...

...about my dad!

Kalli and I wrote down 35 reasons we love daddy for his 35th birthday. Some of them are silly and some are serious.

Dear Dad:

  1. You are hardworking.

  2. You are loving.

  3. You are special to us.

  4. You are spectacular.

  5. You are a wonderful pastor.

  6. You are good at lots of stuff.

  7. You are a very good daddy.

  8. You are talented.

  9. You don't tease. (LOL!)

  10. You are a good fisherman and hunter.

  11. You are a good, good person.

  12. We have you for a daddy instead of an old grouch.

  13. You don't live in a glass house.

  14. You don't have rage.

  15. You aren't a patch of thorns.

  16. You aren't like Obama.

  17. You are like a safety helmet.

  18. You take good care of us.

  19. You cheer us up when we are sad.

  20. You bring us up in the way of the Lord.

  21. You always make time for us.

  22. You are patient.

  23. You love us.

  24. You're a soldier of the Lord.

  25. You're a 4-wheeler of humility.

  26. You would give your life for us.

  27. We are supposed to love everyone.

  28. You are a barrell of laughs.

  29. You are a good Loomis worker.

  30. You play with us even though you are grown up.

  31. You're an elk who prays to the Lord.

  32. You're not a piece of glue.

  33. You are the leader of our life.

  34. You spend time with your family.

  35. You will always love us.

Happy Birthday Daddy!

(Kalli thought of all the silly ones...)

Monday, August 2, 2010

A fair time at the county fair!

The other day, we went to the fair. We each got to choose 2 rides and one I chose was the train. Kalli and Kammy chose the train too, and momma and Kaite got to ride free!

It was soooo hot! So we were glad to run in the water that the fire truck was spraying to cool people off!

There were all kinds of animals. Pigs, chickens, goats, lambs, cows and more. They were fun to look at.

There was also a cool place where they took old fashioned pictures. We dressed up like Little House. I like this picture because, "that's just Kaite!" That is just the way she acts!

I rode a Ferris Wheel for the first time. It was a little bit scary and I got a little bit sick, but it was still fun, especially when I got used to it! The place we ate lunch was very expensive! We all had a lot of fun! Better sign off for now. Kayla

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