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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Time Alone!

Today Kammy went to work with Dad - because he said it was OK and
she wanted to pretty bad. Kalli is out with Grandma-which surprised me because she is very attached to her momma. Kaite the littlest one is asleep. So I have some time to myself. It's nice for a change. You see when you're the oldest of four girls you seldom get any time alone. Sorry I don't have any pictures this time. This Kayla signing off,so until next time goodbye.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Quotes from my sister.

Which one you ask??? Kammy. The 4 year old. The sweet one (compared to Kaite). lol Kammy braided her horses tail all by herself. We asked her where she learned, and she said, "I just watched Kalli do it!" We were all really surprised!

Kalli and Kammy went picking peas at Grandma's house the other day, and Kammy wanted to shell them for everybody. She said, "I'm taking the peas out of their hatches!"

Kaite has been absolutely frustrating today!!! How in the world can ANY baby be so cute and so horrid at the same time??? She has absolutely refused to take any nap whatsoever! She had barely gone to sleep when someone rang the doorbell and she freaked out! Now, no nap no matter what momma or I do! Momma was rocking her and she was quiet so momma opened her eyes to see if she was sleeping and she wasn't (of course) and she laughed at momma! She even threw up all over the floor (and me) when I tried to put her to sleep! Remind me to take a picture of her screaming so you can see how horrid Miss. Cutie Pie looks!

That's my life! Gotta run!

Monday, July 19, 2010

I have a job!

That's right! I have a job! It's babysitting...or as we say, "Kaitering!" When momma is busy doing housework or projects, like she has been lately, I am the official babysitter! Kaite loves momma, and wants her like mostly ALL the time, so I have to find something to entertain her. Today, she wanted her nails clipped! She LOVES having them clipped. She cries when they are all done and she is MAJORLY jealous when someone else is getting theirs clipped! We had to pretend today because momma had JUST clipped them!She is not spoiled or went to sleep today, but would not let me lay her down, so I sat and held her for her nap. Kalli brought me a book to read. Like I said, she's not spoiled or anything. In other news, daddy got a 4-wheeler today! He's not spoiled either! LOL!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sweet Summer...

...which is going by way too fast! We have had a good time though. We have been camping twice and swimming and picknicing and lots of other fun things! Here is a picture of me and the sisters on the 4th! We had a good long weekend with daddy home!
My baby sister who is both the cutest and 'badest' baby I have ever met!

We picked raspberries at my grandparent's place on Monday. They were yummy!

I'm new to blogger btw. I used to be at webs and moved! Moving is fun! :)

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