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Saturday, November 27, 2010

My new room!

I guess you probably already know that we MOVED! We had to clean the house before we could move in. It was filthy! We washed it top to bottom!
This is mine and Kaite's room.
Momma put the polka dots up. They are cute aren't they?
We got the "Girl's Only" sign at Hobby Lobby. This used to be momma's tree, but she gave it to us. Now all us girls have a tree in our room! Kalli and Kammy's room is really cute too. It has horses and flowers. I think Kalli is going to post pictures of it soon. We are pretty well moved in now and are getting used to it. We even have our big family Christmas tree up. It's really pretty! We are all getting pretty excited about Christmas. Momma has almost all her shopping done. I still have to go, but I need to earn some more money first. =)
Guess I will go now.

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