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Friday, November 1, 2013

Pumpkin Patch, Halloween, and Family Time!

We went to the Pumpkin Patch last week.It was a lot of fun! All the kids got a pumpkin. Even Kade! He was so cute carrying it!
This is me and all my little siblings.
                                                           This is me and my pumpkin.

Kade and his little pumpkin.

We had a great time together!
This Halloween Mom had us write reports on what we were being.I chose to be Betsy Ross.
Here is my report:
" I am Betsy Ross. I chose to be her because I like history and because of what she stands for. Betsy Ross was born Elizabeth Griscorn, in January 1752 in Philadelphia, PA. Her parents were Rebecca James and Samuel Griscorn. Betsy was a fourth generation American, and a great-granddaughter of a carpenter who arrived in New Jersey in 1680 from England. She was the eighth child of seventeen. Betsy attended a Quaker school, since her family was Quaker. Besides her usual studies, she learned to sew there. When she was 17, she met John Ross, who was an Anglican. They fell in love, but Betsy was a Quaker, and the act of marrying outside of one's religion wasn't allowed. To the shock and horror of her family, she married him anyway at the age of 21, in 1772. She was expelled from her family and the Friend's Meeting House in PA. So, she and her husband attended Christ Church instead. George Washington often attended the very same church! Betsy and John started their own upholstery business. They probably made about 50 cents a day. When the Revolutionary War started, John joined the Pennsylvania militia. While guarding an ammunition cache in mid-January of 1776, John Ross was mortally wounded in an explosion. Even though Betsy tried to nurse him back to health, he died and was buried in the Christ Church cemetery. The story of the visit of George Washington, Robert Morris, and her husband's uncle, George Ross, to ask her to make the flag was told by her grandson William Cranby in 1870, nearly 50 years after her passing. They asked her to make the flag, and she did in late May or June of 76! The flag had 13 stars arranged in a circle and of course the stripes. Betsy is most well-known for making the first flag of the United States of America. In June of 1777, she married sea captain Joseph Ashburn at the Old Swedes Church in Philadelphia. Betsy and Joseph had two daughters, Zilla, who died in her youth, and Elizabeth. On a trip to the West Indies to get war supplies for the Revolutionary cause, Captain Ashburn was captured by the British and sent to the Old Mill Prison in England where he died in March 1782. Betsy learned of her husband's death from her old friend, John Claypoole, another sailor imprisoned at Old Mill. In May, 1783, Betsy married a third time. She married her old friend John Claypoole. Betsy convinced him to quit sailing and find landlubbing employment. Claypoole mostly worked at her upholstery business; then at the U.S. Customs House. Betsy and John had five daughters; Clarissa, Susan, Rachel, Jane, and Harriet, who died at 9 months. John Claypoole passed on in 1817, after years of ill health; she never re-married. She worked until 1827. After she retired she went to live with one of her daughters in Albington, PA. Betsy Ross died of natural causes in her sleep, at the age of 84 on January 30, 1836. She died at her home. Betsy Ross will always be remembered for her courage, diligence, and of course her construction of the first U.S. flag."
And here I am in my costume. My dress was from a thrift store. And we had everything else at home. 

Kalli chose to be a baker or a pasty chef.
And here is her report:
"I am a baker from Boise, Idaho. A baker will make between 50 and 60 thousand dollars a year. To be a baker, you should go to culinary school which costs anywhere from 20 to 100 thousand dollars. Buddy Valestro's father, Carlo, came to America from Italy to open Carlo's Bakery located an 95 Washington St in Hoboken NJ. It was opened in 1919. Buddy is the current boss at Carlo's Bakery. When he was 11, his father paid him $5.00 to work in the bakery. In my bakery I will make everything from custards and cupcakes to beautiful wedding cakes. Why do I want to be a baker? Well, I love the art of making cakes gorgeous, and would love to see my cakes make people happy.
And here she is in her costume.
We had all her stuff except we borrowed the hat from a friend.

 Here's Kade as an Indian.Isn't he a cutie?!

Kammy was Indian Princess Edahow.
Here is her report:
"I am a native American Indian from Idaho. My name is Princess Edahow. I am from the Shoshone tribe who lived in Idaho during the late 1800's. I represent beautiful colors. I like nature, aspen trees, glittering snow, clear creeks, jade green and turquoise blue. I like starry skies and wild roses. I lived off the land by hunting, fishing and trading. I chose to be an Indian because I like Indian history and the fact that they rode horses."
Here she is in her costume. Mom made it.


 Oh musn't forget Kaite.She was a veterinarian.
   Here is her report:

"I am a veterinarian. I chose to be a veterinarian because I feel so good helping animals. Veterinarians are animal doctors. They make about $46,000 each year."
And here is her costume.
Well,I hope you enjoyed! Signing off until next time!

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